Hostel Rules

Hostel Rules

In case of following unlawful acts it premises of hostel resident is liable for expulsion the hostel


Any other unlawful act or behaviour including listed above may also be reported to the police and or handed over to respective authorities for appropriate action as per law. The residents should refrain from instigating and influencing others to support them on any matter affecting the management. They shall not refuse to accept any communication addressed to them. Such action shall be considered gross indiscipline and they will be dismissed forthwith without notice The management reserves their right not to accept any resident’s renewal application for continued stay whose presence in the hostel is considered detrimental to the general atmosphere and welfare of the residents.

Important cautions

Any Offence by residents will result Immediate expulsion. A resident is a mere boarder and has no right to a particular room, the bed or any properties therein. The arrangements and control of the hostel premises will remain with the Operator. The hostel premises cannot be used for any commercial purpose.​

Responsibility of Resident

  1. Valuables-The resident is responsible for ensuring the safety of personal items. The hostel will is best to maintain security, not responsible for personal loss on premises.
  2. Illness-If sick, the Hostel Superintendent has informed immediately and updated on conditions. First aid is available but the Hostel Superintendent will decide to call (and overrule if necessary) family/guardian responsible in case of emergency or admit in hospital. The resident, will have bear all related expenses, including outstation calls, transport and medical care, etc. All those terms and conditions/rules are subject change time to time without any prior notice.
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