Our Facilities

St. Mary’s Working Women’s & Students Hostel gives a Homely, Hygienic, Safe, Secure, and Comfortable Environment for Students, Job Seekers, and Working Women. We provide long and short-term stays for an affordable price. We promise you the comforts of your home, while away.

  1. New construction, Shared room with single bed/bunk bed/single room with single bed (customised requirement) attached toilet & bathroom, common toilet bathroom, Each room has cup board & cot, table and chair for common use of each resident in that apartment.
  2. Panoramic Dam views, each apartment has balcony and sitting area***(except first floor)
  3. However for reasons of hygiene, the residents are required to arrange their mattresses, bedsheets and pillow cover, curtain, bed covers, and personal items such as plates and any other personal utensils, etc. Nobody should waste food.

Accommodation types:

Shared room: Shared room with single bed/bunk bed/single room with single bed, Maximum economy in the layout while preparing the plan. Dining Hall with mess facility, Common Hall, Visitors Room, Guest Room, common toilet bathroom, attached toilet &bathroom, power back up facility. Each room has cup board & cot, table and chair for common use of each residents on that apartment. However, the residents are required to arrange their own mattresses, bed sheets and pillow cover, curtain, bed covers and personal items etc. The management reserves their rights in respect of allotment of rooms.

A resident cannot have the option to have any particular room or choice as to her room-mate. Residents shall have to occupy the room, the management allots her with whomsoever the management chooses, and they are expected to maintain cordial relations with each other. The management will try to put the residents in any rooms of their choice or any other residents as their roommates but the residents cannot claim this as their right. Any residents absenting herself from hostel without such previous permission or intimation on phone in case of emergency will be liable to leave the hostel and lose their deposit amount.

Residents should not make any kind of friendship with the servants. They should not give any gifts/tips in cash or kind. Residents should be properly dressed when they are out of their rooms. They should tie their hair when coming to the dining hall and at reception. Lights and fans should be put off when the residents go out of the rooms. Water taps will be closed when they go out of the bathrooms. Nobody should waste foodstuffs. No waste material should be thrown in the bathroom sinks. Violations will be fined and repeated violations will call for dismissal Complaints, if any should be made to the superintendent/warden whose decision will be final Residents found guilty of misconduct or breach of any of Hostel rules will be dismissed forthwith.

Guest Room: A guest Room will be provided in the hostel. Booking will be given first- come- first served basis and chargeable(Rs:400/day). Moreover, male guests will not be allowed as a guest.

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